Phantom Markdown Editor

1 minute read 25 July 2016

Note: Phantom is no longer supported. Please don't use it.

What is Phantom?

Phantom is an easy to use, simple, always-up-to-date and native Markdown editor for Windows.

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Open Source!

As of August 10th, 2016, Phantom is open source. You can check out the git repo here!


New in Phantom

I revamped a lot of stuff under the hood, but all that you'll see is this cool new file view.

Multiple files can be opened and edited at once.

Phantom 1.0


This software is provided AS-IS, I am not responsible for anything, blah, blah, blah. You're free to distribute the unmodified binaries as long as you don't sell them or anything.

Bug Reports

If you have a bug, please use the comment section below. Thanks!

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